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Annual Performance 2016 Information

Dress Rehearsal 2016

CB West High School, 375 W. Court Street- Doylestown

Date: Friday, June 3rd

Time: 6:00 pm (can start arriving at 5:40pm)

Dress rehearsal is an important part of the performance experience because it prepares students for performing in a venue separate from the dance studio. Students should arrive dressed and ready in hair and make-up to the dress rehearsal. Use visitor/staff parking and enter at the YELLOW entrance of the school. There is additional parking in the back of the school as well. Once you arrive in the auditorium, you should look for the poster board sign corresponding to your child’s class (first class in show order if your child is in more than 1 class). Your child will meet the rest of her/his class at this area. The rehearsal will start PROMPTLY at 6:00pm, so please make sure your child is in the appropriate area by this time. Parents must stay with their dancer and are responsible for their child at the dress rehearsal. The order for the dress rehearsal will be the same as the annual performance dance order, so please make sure your dancer is ready as her dance number(s) approach. The only exception being the dancing dads number, which will be rehearsed at the end of the rehearsal. We will not have dressing rooms for the dress rehearsal, so all costume changes will be done in the lobby restrooms. Once dancers have practiced all of their routines, they may leave the rehearsal. WE WILL NOT PRACTICE THE FINALE AT DRESS REHEARSAL. Only team students will practice the Finale intro.   Since students will be backstage during the actual performance, the dress rehearsal is a great opportunity for the dancers to see their peers and dads perform!   I don’t anticipate the rehearsal taking longer than 2 hours.

Annual Performance 2016

CB West High School, 375 W. Court Street- Doylestown

Date: Saturday, June 4th

Arrival Time: 10:30 am

Start Time: Promptly at 11:00 am  

Student Pick-up and Drop-off:

Students should arrive dressed and ready in hair and make-up to the performance. Please have your dancer use the restroom before going to the dressing room. Each dancer will be ushered back by one parent to the “Choir Room” behind the stage. The dancers will be left with chaperones and will reunite with their parents after the finale when the entire performance is finished. After the finale, please have one parent come back to the dressing room to pick-up your child. Please feel free to pack a small bag with water and any anything small your dancer may want while waiting.

Costume Changes:

Students with multiple costume changes can use room G109 next to the choir room. Parents…if your dancer needs assistance with costume changes, please come back stage to help.

Seating and Tickets:

Each family will receive 4 tickets to the performance (distributed in class in mid-May) unless you have already paid for extra tickets. Additional tickets will be available for purchase at the merchandise table at the performance. Seating is on a first come first serve basis. The doors to enter the school and auditorium will open at 10:30am. To be fair to all guests, please no saving of seats!


Flash photography and videotaping are NOT PERMITTED during the performance, as it is a distraction to our dancers and audience members.


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